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Group Health Insurance

It is a health insurance for your employees to improve your workplace wellbeing.

A comprehensive company health insurance protects your employees for the big medical expenses, so they know their health is your priority. This would increase employee engagement and productivity while reducing their stress and absenteeism.

How does the group health insurance benefit the employer as well as the employee?

For the employer
• Stronger employer/employee relationships
• Reduced sick leave & absenteeism
• More engaged staff and increased performance
• Improved health & wellness of workers
• Better staff retention & increased loyalty
• A happier, more resilient workforce
• Competitive in the marketplace

For the employee
• Improved job satisfaction
• Increased morale & connection
• Better quality of life
• Improved mental wellbeing
• Stress reduction
• Better mental health outcomes
• Enjoy better wellbeing
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You could add more value to the cover and your employee by choosing the following options.

Specialist & Tests*

Cover the specialist consultations, second opinion consultations & diagnostic tests.

Serious Condition Financial Support*

Lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one of the defined serious medical condition

GP & Prescriptions*

GP consultation, Pharmaceutical prescriptions & Nurse visits

Dental & Optical*

Dental cover, Orthodontic treatment, Optometrist consultation & Prescribed glasses and lenses

* Please note the benefits could be different depend on the company’s product and their criteria. We will help you to find the best option based on your circumstances.


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